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"I would like to show my appreciation for making this training and my stay such a beautiful experience. Truly, it was a pleasure to be surrounded by you and to watch a wonderful family that both of you created with Merlin and very soon the little angel.


It has been a very transformative time for me and I'm very grateful for your dedication and time Sylvia, you are really the best in what you do.


I feel very fortunate that life brought me on this journey and excited for what's to come!"

Paulina Maciejewska, East Sussex, England

"Tribal Detox UK is located in Glastonbury and the place itself is magical...but combined with the amazing energy and knowledge of Sylvia, it was the best thing that could've happened to me!! Not only did I receive the best Kambo training, Sylvia also helped me process and start to heal my own past trauma during training. The training was intense but it was sooo worth it and I was ready to start working with clients the moment I came home. 

I talked to trainees from other organisations and a lot of them didn't feel secure at all after their training. I am so thankful to be trained by Tribal Detox and especially by Sylvia and her husband James."

Camilla Kujawa, Germany

"Training with Sylvia and James changed my life for the better. I could not have asked for better teachers and support team :). If you are contemplating training with them I can't recommend them enough."

Katie Browning, Ohio, USA

"I was just reflecting on the past 4 months and just how much my life transformed during my time with you. I wanted to express my gratitude. The training came at exactly the right time in my healing journey and for the first time in my life I feel complete. It's almost as though I am seeing the world and all it's beauty for the first time again. Thank you so much for everything you do. Sending lots of love to you and James."

Emma Millington, Edinburgh, Scotland

"It always seems cliché to say that you have experienced something that changes your life. 

I do not regret having chosen Tribal Detox to become a Kambo practitioner because I was not disappointed with the content of the course which was in line with what I expected.

It was a wonderful meeting with the frog but also with Sylvia and James who gave me so much beyond the training as a kambo practitioner. 

So if you are still hesitant I can just tell you that you have to experience certain things to believe them.

I haven't always smiled in recent years and this photo is witness to my transformation. 

Thank you to all the wonderful people I met during the training."

Xavier Berthonneau, France

"Dear Sylvia and James,

This experience living together for those 10 days was very special. Your hospitality, your kindness and your softness was such a wonderful journey. I wish you guys all the love. Thank you for opening your home to me and making me feel so at ease. You guys rock. Such amazing teachers and phenomenal parents. May God bless you. Bless your home and your precious family. You have a home now in Egypt. I look forward to having you guys over anytime. All my love."

Nadine Helmy, Egypt

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