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Sylvia is a Healing Consultant & Advisor who has been in the wellness field for over 20 years. Her mission is to offer a truly holistic model of care within a new paradigm of healing that addresses the root cause of pain and struggle and empowers the individual on every level.


Her expertise is in working with the unconscious mind and healing through trauma therapy, shadow work, and ceremonial work with an emphasis on integration on every level for a fully embodied transformation and spiritual rebirth. Her specialty includes complex, developmental and generational trauma, narcissistic abuse recovery and the death, birth and rebirth process. 

Sylvia has worked extensively with Kambo for several years and is an Advanced Kambo Practitioner and a Tribal Detox Kambo Practitioner Teacher. 

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James has been dedicated to his own trauma healing and shadow work for the last 5 years. He has worked intensively with Kambo since 2019 and became a Kambo Practitioner and Tribal Detox Kambo Practitioner Teacher.

James is also a full time Account Manager for a software company and enjoys spending his spare time in the Somerset countryside with his wife (Sylvia), daughter and border collie Merlin.

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