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SH, Slough

"Kambo is like a reset button. I feel cleansed, my mind feels a lot more fresh and clearer. The mind chatter has stopped and for the first time in months I was able to get a good nights sleep. I really needed that, thank you so much."

KG, Reading

"It feels like some layer which was covering my heart has been lifted and there is sooooooo much space now! I feel more natural, myself, loving and calm."

CW, Gloucester

"I'm feeling positive in myself thank you. I left with clarity which was really helpful to get out of my head and understand those behavioural loops."

JC, Cheltenham

"I've been feeling more energised and more content with just being on my own. I've also found my voice in terms of saying no and setting better boundaries. Been sleeping well and digestion seems better too. So pretty good all in all!"

SH, Reading

"Thank you so much, I literally feel like I'm stepping back into my body but more activated and ready to kick ass! Thank you so much for helping me find my way back to myself."

RO, Cheltenham

"I am doing OUTSTANDING! Things have literally changed overnight!! A revolution physically!! I can't wait for my next Kambo session!"

SD, London

"I had the most wonderful after experiences following Kambo with you. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the experience. It opened up a lot for me."

PF, Glastonbury

"I feel like even though I've done Kambo before, for the first time I've really got to understand what it is, what it does and how it works for me. I really feel so in my body. Something is very different within me and it really is like coming back to my body and being OK with all my feelings. Thanks so much."

VS, Reading

"I feel like I'm eating more intuitively and all the sugary stuff doesn't appeal to me - it's like I've lost interest in it and it no longer holds power over me.  I've been drinking loads of water which is unheard of for me and I did a 10K race and ran the fastest in 3 years. I just feel so strong!

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